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fingerprints now required to skate in pomona, ca

fingerprints are now required before using the skatepark. further criminalizing skateboarders and pushing them back into the streets. do basketball courts or baseball fields require fingerprinting before use? i think $50,000 could be used in a better way.

exit skate shop grand reopening.

grand reopening friday march 6th

McRad is playing. Yards is throwing down beers.

check the flyer

bummed that the shop is leaving fishtown but stoked for steve and his new spot. its gonna take a bit longer to commute and lurk.

new skateboard graphics

new skateboard graphics

stoked on this. modern skate graphics have really been hit or miss the past few years. i loved the michael leon era of rasa libre, some of the zero, toy machine graphics are pretty grabbing. it will be interesting to get a look into contemporary skate graphics as the market has been pretty saturated with the past.

the hunt

are a band from nyc. jasper from the vigilantes sings and the music is very 80s synthy poppy vein leaning towards the joy division side of things. theyre over in UK land playing some shows, up for best new band award by NME. weird, as they really havent traveled outside of nyc. they played once here in philly with day of notice at jc dobbs. i think they would go over well if booked right at the barbary or KFN. produced video after the jump.

real time internet traffic visualizations

real time internet traffic map

real time internet traffic map

akamai provides a real time monitor of internet traffic, attacks and latency on its site. now you can see who is straining the tubes by downloading too much porn, or which countries are being jerks and sending out attacks.

the future is unwritten - 12/22

the future is unwritten

how countries went nuclear: a visualization

the new york times did a nice graphic visualization as to how each country that is nuclear wnt nuclear and who helped: click here for the large image.

bomb visual

touchgrind is in the app store.

fingerboarding is back. touchgrind an iphone app takes everything annoying/neat about fingeboarding and ports it to the iphone. i find it totally weird but then again who am i to say? you might dig kickflipping and shredding the gnar while your commuting on your iphone. check out an early video of the physics in action in the trailer:

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